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Our Story

Our Story

Created in 2011, Nanboya is a pre-owned luxury goods trader and the subsidiary of Valuence Holdings Inc listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo exchange. In 2022, Nanboya was rebranded to ALLU.



"The Valuence Group started its reuse business in 2007 from a small store in Osaka. We, Valuence Group, started from a small buying office in Osaka in 2007. At that time, I myself worked as a concierge (appraiser), and I realized that customers value not only the value of goods, but also the stories and feelings behind them. It is not enough to simply put a price on an object, but to understand the value that each cutomer places on it in their own lives, and to respond to their essential needs. This has been our core philosophy since the time of our founding, and it has become one of the guiding principles of the Valuence Group."

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A World Without Sustainability Is A World With Future

The Valuence Group operates its business with the aim of realizing its mission, “Encouraging people to live true to themselves”. Our main business “Resale”, plays a critical role of transition to circular economy, where we help customers to avoid disposing and connect them to someone in need. Today we are facing the biggest challenges such as climate change, inequality, infectious diseases.

We cannot achieve our mission and grow our business without addressing the issues. We will continuously commit to these challenges through our business in order to make our world more sustainable.


Valuence Group CEO


Valuence Holdings Inc.


Representative Director and President


Shinsuke Sakimoto

Commitment To Sustainability

We have specific targets for E (Planet), S (People), and G (Transparency) to strive towards our aim to realizingof a sustainable society and achieving sustainable growth of our company. we will accelerate our sustainability efforts to achieve these goals.



Aiming for Carbon Neutrality
Throughout the Value Chain
by FY2030

*Greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain include direct and indirect emissions from our operations (Scope 1 and Scope 2) as well as indirect emissions from activities related to our business (Scope 3).


Employee Engagement Score 

Employee Engagement Score
to 4.2 by FY2025

*The average of each score (on a scale of 1 to 5) in our external engagement survey (conducted by a third party): (1) Company satisfaction, (2) Job satisfaction, (3) Supervisor satisfaction, and (4) Workplace satisfaction. *Score for FY August 2021: 3.3.


Ratio of
female directors


Archive at least 30% of
female representation on
Board of Directors
by FY2030

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